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  • Fully understand and exceed our customers' requirements and preferences and provide greater value to our customers than our competition.
  • Our main goals is to achieve customers satisfaction; we respect all customer needs and requirements

Productivity and Quality:

  • Implement initiatives across our business segments to achieve best-in-class operating practices and leverage company-wide opportunities

People :

  • Attract , retain and develop, at every level of the company, people who represent the highest standards of excellence and integrity.
  • We put the right person in the right place.
  • Developing our employees is continuously, our development system is passed on performance development system that indicates the strengths and weaknesses in every employee performance.
  • We believe that our employees are able to carry out our strategies and goals; because of that we respect our employee’s needs. 


  • High Quailty
  • Sustain Development
  • Customer Oriented
  • Social commitment
  • Our people