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Industrial Inspection Service Department (IIS)

Makamin Petroleum Services (MPS) was fully acquired by Saudi Makamin in mid 2009 and one of its major Departments has a strong background in providing NDT Services and has been able to provide their expertise in both local and International projects.

MPS provides its clients with a professional service and creates convenient, competent and attractive results through coordinated design and team work. At Makamin, achieving quality is a primary goal. Thus, a reputation for quality work precedes Makamin, giving it a competitive edge when competing locally or Internationally. Makamin's level of quality is that of a major International NDT Inspection & Corrosion monitoring.

MPS Company - Industrial Inspection Sector (NDT , Inspection & Corrosion monitoring) is capable of undertaking all types of Non-destructive Testing works, such as:  Conventional & Advanced NDT.

The Industrial Inspection Sector in MPS has a great desire in the field of inspection & industrial services (NDT & Corrosion monitoring). MPS is one of the largest NDT and Inspection Services Companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Gulf. It is managed by a team of experienced professionals with the clear cut policy of providing quality corrosion and Inspection services (NDT and Advanced NDT) at highly quality, reasonable prices and in a timely manner. We provide our services to major companies both inside and outside the Kingdom. Our clients include SAUDI ARAMCO, SABIC Group of companies, SASREF, SAMREF, LUBEREF,KJO as well as many large contracting companies in the Gulf (e.g. KHI,Petrojet, MMG, Zamil steel etc.) 


Our objective

To provide the highest level of services to our clients. Therefore, MPS has established its own fundamentals to guide the work relationship with all interested parties, in particular by:

  • Understanding the current and future needs of our clients and striving to meet or exceed their expectation through providing professional services in terms of quality, value, on time performance, safety, and respect for the environment.
  • Performing our duties with the highest level of integrity, honesty and fairness.
  • Offering opportunities for success to all in a spirit of team work and fair competition. Ensuring that we create and maintain optimal conditions for the accurate, safe professional work of our employees while on the job and providing for their personal needs while off. 

IIS Department provides a wide range of services including:

NDT (Non Destructive Testing)

ANDT (Advance Non Destructive Testing)

Corrosion coupons

 Conventional Method (RT, PT, MT, UT, VT).  Automated Corrosion Mapping.  CORROSION MONITORING.
    - Radiography Test (RT)  Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT).  CORROSION COUPONS (WEIGHT LOSS).
    - Liquid Penetrant Test (PT)  Time-of-flight diffraction (TOFD).  
    - Magnetic Particle Test (MT)  Tube Inspection.  
    - Ultrasonic Test (UT)  Tank floor Inspection (FloormapVS2i).  
    - Visual Test (VT)    
 Positive Material Identification (PMI).    
 Vacuum Box.