Saudi Makamin Oil & Gas Services was established in May 24th, 2008 with a capital of SAR 1.2 billion. It has diversified shareholders base consist of fifty nine (59) shareholders.

Makamin is an integrated Oil & Gas service Company, participating in Upstream Turnkey projects, investing in R&D and technology, building a mutual value added partnerships and becoming a pioneer in the Oil & Gas services sector. In addition, Makamin is preserving and promoting its name, brand and identity as a Saudi professional and world-class organization.

Since inception, Makamin has worked with various respected entities to conduct thorough market analysis and due diligences to guarantee having a solid foundation in order to efficiently accomplish its ambitions.

Moreover, Makamin has continued the aggressive effort to develop the company’s market intelligence and knowledge through strengthening the company’s network, increasing meetings with various clients, conducting market research, development and analysis of various data that is available to the company.

Makamin is promoting and adhering to Health, Safety, and Environment standards and persistently enhancing awareness among all employees to ensure safe working atmosphere and to associate the company’s name with HSE excellence.

Makamin is becoming a leader in “localization” by aggressively recruiting and training Nationals specifically in key technical positions and has developed a relationship with local technical institutes and colleges and continuously developing and training the managerial and admin staff to meet the daily challenges, standout among peers, and to be professional and up to date with industry trends.